Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Q for Queen

latest group of atc's for the 14 Secrets for a Happy Artist's Life alphabet swap

Monday, December 20, 2010

direction to The Travelling Artist Guild Blog

This will be my last posting on my blog of my journey on the Travelling Artists. If you would like to follow my journey, please go to:

You will also be able to read and view many other (22) artists writings and art at this Word Press blog.

Click on my name: Barbara Saint Jacques.... or..... Lavenda Kakabell..... both to be found on the right hand side margin of the page.

The Journey Begins

I placed my sundry belongings in the saddlebags and was about to mount Freedom, when I stopped dead in my tracks. How could I possibly have forgotten that I needed to leave my doll with the Guildmistress and to bid her farewell. I took a deep breath and assured Freedom that I would soon return. I quickly ran back towards my room to seek the Guildmistress and to retrieve my doll--when lo and behold, I ran into the Guildmistress rounding the corridor turn. "It's all right", I heard a voice speak, recognizing it as belonging to her. "I am aware of all comings and goings in the castle. You moved a little too fast for me to intercept your leaving, and I am happy to see you have returned. I am also aware of your allegiance to the Great Spirit and Council. I understand that obedience and loyalty are honorable traits; however, you must know how to use your own judgement, follow your own instincts, and use your own power." As she spoke, I could see that she was holding something in her hands. It was my doll. "I found your doll in your room, lying on your bed. Surely you must have been extremely preoccupied not to have taken her with you." I looked at my doll, and I felt sad. "No matter, all is well," she said. "Let this be a lesson for you. Using your critical thinking skills and placing allegiance to yourself is first and foremost, regardless of any authority. Stand here with me for a moment" she said, as she held my hand in hers. "I bid you an eventful and safe journey. If you are ever in need of assistance, know that you can always return to the Guild or get word to me at any time if you need my council. I will care for your doll, placing her alongside her sisters, keeping her safe." With that said, she gave me her blessing and bid me safe journey. I was relieved as I made my way back to the courtyard and to Freedom.
No sound other than a soft "whinny" from this most incredibly beautiful horse imaginable was heard. He nuzzled me affectionately, as I stood near him, whispering in his ear that we would be as one on our journey together. I mounted Freedom, settling into the soft leather saddle before touching his thick wavy mane. At the start, I felt that Freedom had a kind disposition and that he was charismatic and light on his feet. His head was finely chiseled made of solid bone and dynamic vision. Soon my internal compass guided me southward from the mountains and celestial skies of High Heaven, where the Guild castle was located. The river, Bevaqua, lay below, leading to Runehaven at the Place of Power.
Slowly we traveled, enjoying the flora and fauna along the way. Crossing the mountains presented no problems. The river lines were like tabs, indented every so often in a curvilinear manner. Freedom found it easily managed as we meandered downward. He appeared to be very athletic-- his movement being powerful and elegant.
Water was plentiful, and we drank whenever thirst demanded. Trees laden with fruits and berries sustained us along the way. Beautiful birds were in abundance...some cranes and flamingoes were wading in the water; parrots were perched in their nests, others soaring in the sky. Some birds I recognized. Strange, I thought, as birds are of the Spirit, and I thought I knew all birds. Their sounds are a part of my forever knowledge, but some were new to me. Perhaps this is part of my learning?
There were many nights spent beneath the stars, and I could see the constellations above, using them to guide us to our destination. Measures of velvet black sky followed the twilight of softened light before the heavy darkness of nightfall. The woods were scented with the whisper of pine and wild flowers. Soft moss cushioned our resting places, and each morning I awoke to hundreds of butterflies sailing through the air into the sky overhead. As I lay there, on the earth, I felt so strange. A grounding I never felt before (as I am a creature of the air~space~heavens~ and used to the ether. This "grounding" was carrying me--holding me--solid beneath my earthly body of flesh and bone. So very different than what I was used to. New,and accepted.
A new mind set enveloped me as I traveled with Freedom. I gave much thought to my impulsive departure from the guild, and my obedient allegiance to the Great Spirit and Council. Was this a test of sorts? Was I supposed to, as a human, be expected to follow allegiance or to act independently? Had I lost my spirituality by not following the directions given to me by the Gryphon--or did my earthly-ness fill me with an oppositional quality that spurred these actions at the final moment? Food for thought and grist for the mill. Perhaps the Place of Power would clarify some of these questions?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Dream

I found myself in the great void, a thin veil, soft as silk, enveloped the dreamtime. An essence of Jasmine filled my nostrils, creating a feeling of free-floating faintness. Suddenly, I became aware of a denser atmosphere as I neared the earth plane. Hearing what sounded like a great rush of wind, in a half-turn, I found myself looking at the frontal figure of a Chryslon Gryphon, who has the body of a lion and the head and forefeet of an eagle. Traversing the void is a natural ability of gryphons, who act as powerful guardians of the Higher Spirits. I welcomed this great gryphon and felt honored in its presence--as gryphons work for the Great Spirit and the Council, delivering their messages and carrying out their orders.
The gryphon spoke to me telepathically, communicating the knowledge of my impending journey granted to me by the elder Light Beings to investigate "all that is" as part of the round. He expressed their wishes that I take leave of the Guild Castle to begin my journey immediately upon its leave. The gryphon was expressly sent to deliver Blessings, along with several gifts: A precious miniscule bird having bodacious colors was placed on the top of my head. The gryphon reported that one of the bird's supernatural abilities is to "mesmorize" with its song, any creature or being--human or otherwise. I was to understand it would be a great advantage to have this member of the aviary family to accompany me on my journey. Its added attraction is its ability to appear as a tattoo on my shoulder and to come forth when needed, to perform its magic (just like my wings). A bag made of soft golden mesh containing clothing and soft leather boots was placed on the bed. The gryphon told me that a stallion, as dark as the night sky, would be waiting for me outside of the south door of the castle in the courtyard. I thanked the gryphon for being the messenger and gift-bearer then bid it farewell. Before leaving, the gryphon told me a valuable item would be mine to receive sometime during my journey. I would know it was near upon hearing the ring of a bell. In the blink of the eye, the magnificent gryphon vanished. I took this moment to thank the Great Spirit and Council for holding me in such high regard, knowing they would receive my thanks as soon as my thought was formed.
I awoke in a heartbeat from the dream, remembering the wish of the Great Spirit and Council--that I depart as soon as possible. I readied myself, my wings, and my bird, Precious (who was now contained as part of my skin), and found my way to the outer courtyard at the south gate, where my horse awaited. As soon as I saw him, I knew his name...Freedom! The moon was new (in Sagittarius) and a perfect time to begin my journey.

Drawings of the Door leading to the Observatry and the Observatory

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sequel to meeting the Guildmistress

As I descended the spiral staircase, I envisioned what my room would look like. I could see, in my mind's eye, a place that mimicked the night sky: black satin fabric covering walls in a 360 degree space, with pinpoints of crystal lights and a touch of star- sparkle peeking through, forming familiar constellations; a bed with a pale cerulean blue coverlet appeared to be the perfect size for nestling my tired self. Now, stepping down the final stair, walking along the corridor, my hand touched the wall, hitting the tapestry of the unicorn, which instantaneously opened into a room whose image I had held in my 3rd eye just moments ago. Smiling, I entered, moving towards the bed to retire for the evening. As I lay in the comfort of this safe space, I began to drift into a sleep, watching as the stereographic panorama of the entire vista changed from celestial hemisphere to celestial hemisphere......... and began to dream.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Maps, Map Holder

My maps are of the land and of the heavens... for the journey. Also, a map holder.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pouch for the Journey

This is the pouch for the journey that will contain helpful items. It is hand crafted of leather and has the symbol of the moon on the front. I will be working on the celestial map within the next week or so.

Paper Bag Journal/Mini Journals

I completed my paper bag journal and the 12 mini journals (to be inserted inside the paper bag pockets).

Friday, October 15, 2010

Meeting the Guildmistress

I walked across the hall to meet other artists gathered in front of the fireplace, hugging each one as they stated their names. The fire was crackling, flames dancing, and the exchange of conversation stimulating. I decided to find a room to contemplate the journey thus far, bidding newly found friends a good night. As I gazed around the room, a door caught my eye. It was exquisite in decor, embellished with cords of braided tri-colored copper metal hammered into thick planks of grained wood. Gemstones of amethyst, moonstone, ruby, and lapis lazuli were laid into patterns of curvilinear mazes opening into a rectangular center filled with pieces of pink quartz. This door opened upon my approach, and I entered, passing into a winding corridor softly lit from a luminescent quality emitted from the stone . Heavy tapestries illustrated with fabulous fantasy animals decorate the walls, and eventually, I came to an elaborately carved wood stairway spiraling upward. As I strained my eyes to see where it ended, I began the climb and reached the top, stepping onto an oval platform with an arched entryway. As I entered the room, a huge glass dome surrounded me. The entire vista was open to the night sky - constellations visible at every turn. The moon shone brightly, nearing its fullness, filling me with peace and contentment. I was elated, as I missed the open space and comfort of Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades, Cassiopeia, Pegasus, Andromeda, Cygnus, and Perseus. A slight noise startled me, as I thought I was alone. Even though the dome was starlit and moonlit, I did not notice the presence of anyone. I turned, looking into a face that became visible by the gentle soft haze of the lit orbs in the sky. It was a face filled with wisdom, kindness, and knowing. In the stillness a voice sounded, "I am the Guildmistress. I visit the observatory nightly before retiring for the night. I am happy to see that you have found this, the highest point in the Guild structure, as it is one of my favorite places. You are Lavenda Kakabell, are you not? You bear a remarkable resemblance to one of your ancient ancestors, Kallikrates, keeper of the universal spheres. I welcome you to the Guild. Feel free to wander about. I am sure you will find your niche to rest until it is time to take your leave." With this said, she gave me a hug. I thanked her before glancing around the rotunda, taking in the view of the heavens before exiting. We exchanged smiles as I passed her on my way to the top of the spiral staircase, on my way to find a place to light.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Call to the Guild

I felt the call to seek the Guild, knowing somehow, that for me, it was to be found under the brightest star in the Universe, the Sun. I made my way from dense indigo into the pre-dawn sky, an entirely new experience for me, prepared to experience the shift from night to day. I entered this new sky space from the East, with a bit of trepidation, eagerness, and excitement, but with a strong sense of being one with Spirit. There it was, a magnificent building, towering high above the earth. An aura of the sacred radiated from its walls, and the winds of the East blew gently around its perimeter whispering the hope of truth and a new beginning. I knew neither judgement nor blame must ever make an appearance in any way, shape, or form in this monumental abode. The atmosphere was filled with varied hues of yellow, subtle to rich, as the Sun rose from the forever space. An eagle soared nearby, sounding a "caw", a bond made eons ago. As I descended, the doorway of the East was before me. Ornately carved in ancient markings, images from cultures long gone were magnificently displayed. Although there was no handle, the door opened as I touched it, slowly moving, due to its immense size and weight. I followed a cloistered walkway that had sconces mounted on the interior walls cradling softly glowing candles, which lit my way. After a few steps, I approached a wall and another door, decorated with a mandala set with gemstones in its very center, stopping me in my tracks. This door was not as large nor as heavy as the door to the East, and it opened to reveal a large room with a fire burning in the hearth, warming a number of figures who were exchanging pleasantries as I entered. I thought, "Kindred Spirits".

Introduction to Lavenda Kakabell

Being an angel of the moon, living among the stars and constellations, I continuously wander the heavens. I - Lavenda Kakabell - a being of light energy, now claim the right offered to me by elder Light Beings, to transform into an earthly being, so that I may experience life on the earthly plane. My name -- Lavenda -- given to me by the universal Spirit, indicative of the essence of lavender, and the color purple, symbolizing royalty, spirituality, and the 6th chakra. Kakabell: kaka, speaking to the sound of birds; bell, calling forth tonal vibrations that reside in one's being, along with that of being warned to alertness. My travel case is wicker, allowing air, sound, scents, and energy to flow in, out, around, and through it. The cover is embellished with the crescent moon symbolizing the phases that bring about change. Buttons are scattered around the moon, some flat and some round, symbolizing the planets that inhabit the celestial heavens. As a light being, I have the ability to merge into alternate dimensions, and have recently felt the call to traverse the earthen plane. I am in tune with the moon and the stars and the heavenly constellations; however, I believe I need to spend time on the Earth in order to complete my understanding of "all that is" as part of the "round". Therefore, I follow the pulse of energy that calls to me for a purpose yet to be revealed, an opportunity offered to me by the Others, who delight in expansion and feeling experience. I am composed of a material which is as soft as the clouds, covered with netting and tiny crystal beads that catch the irridescent colors of the prisms of light, reflected from the moon and the stars. My hair, which was the color lavender, has changed to red for this journey, the color of the life force, and is flecked with the sparkle of stardust. I wear a glittering sphere around my neck, which contains magical properties of the 4 elements. My wings made of the feathers of birds that no longer exist, meld into my back when needed, appearing as tattoos. My eyes are surrounded by an ancient metal that empowers me to reflect to others what is necessary.

Artist Statement for the Travelling Artist's Guild

Paper, pencils, coloring books, crayons, scissors, glue, movie magazines/movie star scrapbooks -- All remembered from my childhood, bringing me much happiness and joy. Art in grade school, junior and senior high school... so very important to my self-esteem and development as an artist. Sixteen years old and finding a job working for a printer: typesetting and paste-up artist... more cutting, pasting and design. Marriage, children, a variety of jobs, metaphysical
studies, dream group, therapy, preceding my path to individuation -- College: psychology, painting, drawing,three dimensional art, materials and techniques, clay sculpting, internships... all new experiences that opened up expression of the self. Art Therapy found after so many
years, which I pursued energetically to earn a degree, with hope that I could assist other people to express themselves in a healing fashion -- followed by teaching, then private practice. Portraits and collage are my favored subjects; collage and mixed media my favorite way to express my style. Astrology, tarot, button collecting, tap dancing, antiques and old "stuff" make up my other interests that poke my imagination. I retired two years ago and keep busy making
art in my studio. I also make art to swap with on-line friends/art groups and am actively involved in local art associations and partake in gallery exhibits. And, of course, my husband, Bob, and family and friends fit in there somewhere!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Paper Bag Journal

I have been working on my paper bag journal, and it is not my most favorite task. However, it is nearly complete and needs a few more finishing touches. Next is my artist statement, then onto the journey.

The Travelling Artists Guild
Here is the address, if anyone would like to inquire about this exciting journey of the Imagi-Nation. You can also follow along without any commitment. Gena Lumbroso is also co-moderating this group. Her blog may be found here:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Journey Items

Here they are! Photos of my doll and traveling suitcase. She is my travel Guardian Angel, Lavenda Kakabelle, Angel of the Moon, who resides in the Stars and Constellations. The suitcase is a wicker picnic basket that will hold the articles that will be part of the year long journey. I have yet to make the journal and small journal inserts that will be placed in the suitcase. What fun I am having.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Traveling Artists' Guild

I am very pleased to be a part of a new group offered by Susan Letham, an English artist who lives in the north of Germany. She has designed a year's worth of Imagi-Nation activities for artists, which will begin in October. I (and many other artists who have joined this Traveling Artists' Guild) are excited and busy gathering materials and making their "boxes" to place the pieces of art and writings and other items made and/or collected on this journey. It will be a fantastic experience, I am sure of it.

Nifty Ned

This is Ned, my granddaughter, Krystal's, toy pup. He is a Cavalier King George Spaniel and I love him. Such a good boy and a real joy. I am Ned-sitting for several days this week and I can't wait.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tis a glorius day

Perfect! It seems that all has "speeded up" and I can't catch my breath. Lots of things going on and art time is suffering. Everything is there, just need to sit down and do it!

Gallery sitting tomorrow from noon to 4 pm. Will take my wool needle felting supplies and create something while there. Lots of action at the 14 Secrets blog..... great things going on.

Monday, September 6, 2010

website address for Gallery 131 above the Majestic

I am a member of Gallery 131, above the Majestic. If you are interested, this is the website:
There is a listing of artists and you can look at their art bios and some of their work. Take a look!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

helper to hang

What a surprise! My husband, Bob, agreed to visit the gallery with me and helped to hang paintings. He set a time limit (2 hours) before leaving, and did a great job. The reward was a "lestina" pizza for lunch at Bertucci's. We both had a good time, and it felt good to help out. The gallery opening is going to be delayed due to more work needed to be completed such as lighting. It certainly will be worth the wait.

gallery 131 above the Majestic

Going back to the gallery today to help complete the hanging. A good experience and much learned. The art is beautiful and looks great. I am happy to be a part of this group. The opening will be delayed, but it will look spectacular when all is said and done.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Spent the day from 9 am to 4:30 pm hanging pictures in Gallery 131 and still not finished. Will return tomorrow to complete hanging all of the works with other help. I learned a lot today about measuring and the correct way to hang artworks. The opening will be delayed, as more work needs to be done in the gallery.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gallery at the Majestic

Brought the remainder of my 6 paintings to the new Gallery and attended a meeting that was approximately 2 hours of hashing over questions regarding hanging, volunteering, etc. It is looking good. I volunteered to help hand the initial works of all artists (I think there are around 35 or so) that have been accepted to be members. The hanging of all the works will fill the entire wall space in several rooms, and we will work on this all day, at least 8 hours, I am told. Gallery sitting is mandatory, and an extra 4 hours in September will be required, other than the gallery hanging hours. I have never hung an art show previously, so I am interested in learning. I have a few paintings that I want to completed as well within the next few weeks, so I have a full plate ahead of me including my other endeavors. It is exciting to be a part of this art community!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bengal Alliacat

I was so inspired by my granddaughter Krystal's husband Zach's photo that he took of their Bengal cat that I had to bring forth my image. I love the results... currently being framed to enter into the Agawam art show (if accepted)! mixed medial collage......

Monday, August 16, 2010

Krystal and Zach's Wedding

It was fabulous.... like being in a dream. I took some photos of the "getting ready" process: makeup, hair, dressing....... and the ceremony outside in the garden..... and so many more.
Everything was excellent -- food delicious --- music by my son and his band, and so much more!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday night artwalk

Today I finished working in one of the wrecked journals to complete the series with one of my art groups, and another round robin altered art book was delivered while we were eating lunch!
I so enjoyed working on the book last night and this morning.... I had so much energy, I weeded the entire length of the fence in the back yard during the mid day sun.... very unusual for me.
The shower felt great. We are off to Easthampton to the Friday Artwalk this evening. Time to get some more energy and inspiration for creating more artwork.

My granddaughter is getting married this Sunday, August 15th, at the Liberty Hotel in Boston, MA. I am soooo excited! We will leave home early Sunday morning to partake in the fun and pictures before the ceremony. Looking forward to a wonderful weekend.

Friday, August 6, 2010

give-a-ways to creative clown for on-line classes

This is a link to Creativity Classes, a central place where you can find many online art/creativity classes. Currently, there are free classes being offered for posting a link to your blog, facebook, and 2 other options. Take a look!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Krystal and Zach's Barbecue

We had such a nice time today at Krystal and Zach's barbecue, hosted by Krystal's mom, Wendy. It was a perfect day and so very enjoyable. The ride to Gloucester was an easy one, as the traffic was nil; the food was great, and the company excellent!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

mixed media

This is the most recent page I completed in the rr altered book page swap I am currently taking part. I had fun and am thinking I will focus on mixed media for a while.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Button Pins for Sale

Here they are....... Count down from the top to let me know which button you want. Each pin is $6.00 including shipping and handling. Most of the buttons are vintage. Have fun!