Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Dream

I found myself in the great void, a thin veil, soft as silk, enveloped the dreamtime. An essence of Jasmine filled my nostrils, creating a feeling of free-floating faintness. Suddenly, I became aware of a denser atmosphere as I neared the earth plane. Hearing what sounded like a great rush of wind, in a half-turn, I found myself looking at the frontal figure of a Chryslon Gryphon, who has the body of a lion and the head and forefeet of an eagle. Traversing the void is a natural ability of gryphons, who act as powerful guardians of the Higher Spirits. I welcomed this great gryphon and felt honored in its presence--as gryphons work for the Great Spirit and the Council, delivering their messages and carrying out their orders.
The gryphon spoke to me telepathically, communicating the knowledge of my impending journey granted to me by the elder Light Beings to investigate "all that is" as part of the round. He expressed their wishes that I take leave of the Guild Castle to begin my journey immediately upon its leave. The gryphon was expressly sent to deliver Blessings, along with several gifts: A precious miniscule bird having bodacious colors was placed on the top of my head. The gryphon reported that one of the bird's supernatural abilities is to "mesmorize" with its song, any creature or being--human or otherwise. I was to understand it would be a great advantage to have this member of the aviary family to accompany me on my journey. Its added attraction is its ability to appear as a tattoo on my shoulder and to come forth when needed, to perform its magic (just like my wings). A bag made of soft golden mesh containing clothing and soft leather boots was placed on the bed. The gryphon told me that a stallion, as dark as the night sky, would be waiting for me outside of the south door of the castle in the courtyard. I thanked the gryphon for being the messenger and gift-bearer then bid it farewell. Before leaving, the gryphon told me a valuable item would be mine to receive sometime during my journey. I would know it was near upon hearing the ring of a bell. In the blink of the eye, the magnificent gryphon vanished. I took this moment to thank the Great Spirit and Council for holding me in such high regard, knowing they would receive my thanks as soon as my thought was formed.
I awoke in a heartbeat from the dream, remembering the wish of the Great Spirit and Council--that I depart as soon as possible. I readied myself, my wings, and my bird, Precious (who was now contained as part of my skin), and found my way to the outer courtyard at the south gate, where my horse awaited. As soon as I saw him, I knew his name...Freedom! The moon was new (in Sagittarius) and a perfect time to begin my journey.

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Anonymous said...

Ah-Ha! I found that you have a blog! Me too, as "Chewy". Now I know who you are, you spoke to me at the TVAA meeting in South Windsor. Nice to meet you.
Darlene Duncan