Thursday, October 14, 2010

Introduction to Lavenda Kakabell

Being an angel of the moon, living among the stars and constellations, I continuously wander the heavens. I - Lavenda Kakabell - a being of light energy, now claim the right offered to me by elder Light Beings, to transform into an earthly being, so that I may experience life on the earthly plane. My name -- Lavenda -- given to me by the universal Spirit, indicative of the essence of lavender, and the color purple, symbolizing royalty, spirituality, and the 6th chakra. Kakabell: kaka, speaking to the sound of birds; bell, calling forth tonal vibrations that reside in one's being, along with that of being warned to alertness. My travel case is wicker, allowing air, sound, scents, and energy to flow in, out, around, and through it. The cover is embellished with the crescent moon symbolizing the phases that bring about change. Buttons are scattered around the moon, some flat and some round, symbolizing the planets that inhabit the celestial heavens. As a light being, I have the ability to merge into alternate dimensions, and have recently felt the call to traverse the earthen plane. I am in tune with the moon and the stars and the heavenly constellations; however, I believe I need to spend time on the Earth in order to complete my understanding of "all that is" as part of the "round". Therefore, I follow the pulse of energy that calls to me for a purpose yet to be revealed, an opportunity offered to me by the Others, who delight in expansion and feeling experience. I am composed of a material which is as soft as the clouds, covered with netting and tiny crystal beads that catch the irridescent colors of the prisms of light, reflected from the moon and the stars. My hair, which was the color lavender, has changed to red for this journey, the color of the life force, and is flecked with the sparkle of stardust. I wear a glittering sphere around my neck, which contains magical properties of the 4 elements. My wings made of the feathers of birds that no longer exist, meld into my back when needed, appearing as tattoos. My eyes are surrounded by an ancient metal that empowers me to reflect to others what is necessary.

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