Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sequel to meeting the Guildmistress

As I descended the spiral staircase, I envisioned what my room would look like. I could see, in my mind's eye, a place that mimicked the night sky: black satin fabric covering walls in a 360 degree space, with pinpoints of crystal lights and a touch of star- sparkle peeking through, forming familiar constellations; a bed with a pale cerulean blue coverlet appeared to be the perfect size for nestling my tired self. Now, stepping down the final stair, walking along the corridor, my hand touched the wall, hitting the tapestry of the unicorn, which instantaneously opened into a room whose image I had held in my 3rd eye just moments ago. Smiling, I entered, moving towards the bed to retire for the evening. As I lay in the comfort of this safe space, I began to drift into a sleep, watching as the stereographic panorama of the entire vista changed from celestial hemisphere to celestial hemisphere......... and began to dream.

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