Saturday, April 30, 2011


I find myself thinking of Ned an awful lot. Last night, I had to write something about Ned. It doesn't make much sense, but I had to do something... a sort of "non-sensical" poem~a bit of rambling:

He was special, sweet as honey--wouldn't ya know
It wasn't his time to go - Oh No!
His name was Ned, and what a guy
Cute as a button, always "on the fly".
His faces many, quizzical to funny.

Ned posed for pictures - what a ham.
Kelly "shot" him with her "cam"...
A Facebook pin-up: Zach created Ned's page and made a splash!

A picky eater, eating sparsely,
loving treats, though ... "Good boy Ned."
Come lay down here in your bed.
You learned to bark on Krystal's command,
and to "sit" -- you were "the man".

He had a sister and a brother--
Holly Hox and Panda lover.
All lived together very well. Well, Ned was just a bit of a "swell".
Zach could tell you, that, Ned, at times,
was a bit of an instigator.

Hey, here's Ned... Krystal's best friend and buddy,
at her side watching her every move...
Ready whenever she was, to groove.
A shower: you did not enjoy it,
but smelled so good when done and over.
Oh, Ned! You will be missed,
Your eyes, your hugs, and would be kissed.

(((Everyone loved Ned)))
I cannot believe that he is dead.
A natural charmer--loving Spaniel,
Cuddly, cute, gangly and white suit, and! oh those floppy ears!!!
We'll always think of you with LOVE
Your life too short - you're now above.
If there's a doggy heaven, rest assured,
You are there right now, Ned, with the Lord.

Originally heaven sent and a one of a kind healing dog who brought love and joy to this world.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Sadly, my first post this year is to talk about my grand daughter Krystal's dog. Ned, who was killed last night by a coyote. My grand daughter's mom was caring for Ned as Krystal was away, and took him out around 11 pm, along with her small chihuahua to piddle. As they all stood in the yard near the driveway, a coyote appeared and snatched Ned and ran away with him. Ned was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the sweetest, loving, dearest dog imaginable. He did not deserve to die like this. I am so very sad. I never thought that I would love a dog as much as I love Ned. Everyone loved Ned... he had an outrageous personality and loved his Krystal to the utmost. I will miss him dearly. RIP dear Ned Hox Allia