Thursday, October 14, 2010

Call to the Guild

I felt the call to seek the Guild, knowing somehow, that for me, it was to be found under the brightest star in the Universe, the Sun. I made my way from dense indigo into the pre-dawn sky, an entirely new experience for me, prepared to experience the shift from night to day. I entered this new sky space from the East, with a bit of trepidation, eagerness, and excitement, but with a strong sense of being one with Spirit. There it was, a magnificent building, towering high above the earth. An aura of the sacred radiated from its walls, and the winds of the East blew gently around its perimeter whispering the hope of truth and a new beginning. I knew neither judgement nor blame must ever make an appearance in any way, shape, or form in this monumental abode. The atmosphere was filled with varied hues of yellow, subtle to rich, as the Sun rose from the forever space. An eagle soared nearby, sounding a "caw", a bond made eons ago. As I descended, the doorway of the East was before me. Ornately carved in ancient markings, images from cultures long gone were magnificently displayed. Although there was no handle, the door opened as I touched it, slowly moving, due to its immense size and weight. I followed a cloistered walkway that had sconces mounted on the interior walls cradling softly glowing candles, which lit my way. After a few steps, I approached a wall and another door, decorated with a mandala set with gemstones in its very center, stopping me in my tracks. This door was not as large nor as heavy as the door to the East, and it opened to reveal a large room with a fire burning in the hearth, warming a number of figures who were exchanging pleasantries as I entered. I thought, "Kindred Spirits".

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