Thursday, October 14, 2010

Artist Statement for the Travelling Artist's Guild

Paper, pencils, coloring books, crayons, scissors, glue, movie magazines/movie star scrapbooks -- All remembered from my childhood, bringing me much happiness and joy. Art in grade school, junior and senior high school... so very important to my self-esteem and development as an artist. Sixteen years old and finding a job working for a printer: typesetting and paste-up artist... more cutting, pasting and design. Marriage, children, a variety of jobs, metaphysical
studies, dream group, therapy, preceding my path to individuation -- College: psychology, painting, drawing,three dimensional art, materials and techniques, clay sculpting, internships... all new experiences that opened up expression of the self. Art Therapy found after so many
years, which I pursued energetically to earn a degree, with hope that I could assist other people to express themselves in a healing fashion -- followed by teaching, then private practice. Portraits and collage are my favored subjects; collage and mixed media my favorite way to express my style. Astrology, tarot, button collecting, tap dancing, antiques and old "stuff" make up my other interests that poke my imagination. I retired two years ago and keep busy making
art in my studio. I also make art to swap with on-line friends/art groups and am actively involved in local art associations and partake in gallery exhibits. And, of course, my husband, Bob, and family and friends fit in there somewhere!

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