Friday, October 15, 2010

Meeting the Guildmistress

I walked across the hall to meet other artists gathered in front of the fireplace, hugging each one as they stated their names. The fire was crackling, flames dancing, and the exchange of conversation stimulating. I decided to find a room to contemplate the journey thus far, bidding newly found friends a good night. As I gazed around the room, a door caught my eye. It was exquisite in decor, embellished with cords of braided tri-colored copper metal hammered into thick planks of grained wood. Gemstones of amethyst, moonstone, ruby, and lapis lazuli were laid into patterns of curvilinear mazes opening into a rectangular center filled with pieces of pink quartz. This door opened upon my approach, and I entered, passing into a winding corridor softly lit from a luminescent quality emitted from the stone . Heavy tapestries illustrated with fabulous fantasy animals decorate the walls, and eventually, I came to an elaborately carved wood stairway spiraling upward. As I strained my eyes to see where it ended, I began the climb and reached the top, stepping onto an oval platform with an arched entryway. As I entered the room, a huge glass dome surrounded me. The entire vista was open to the night sky - constellations visible at every turn. The moon shone brightly, nearing its fullness, filling me with peace and contentment. I was elated, as I missed the open space and comfort of Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades, Cassiopeia, Pegasus, Andromeda, Cygnus, and Perseus. A slight noise startled me, as I thought I was alone. Even though the dome was starlit and moonlit, I did not notice the presence of anyone. I turned, looking into a face that became visible by the gentle soft haze of the lit orbs in the sky. It was a face filled with wisdom, kindness, and knowing. In the stillness a voice sounded, "I am the Guildmistress. I visit the observatory nightly before retiring for the night. I am happy to see that you have found this, the highest point in the Guild structure, as it is one of my favorite places. You are Lavenda Kakabell, are you not? You bear a remarkable resemblance to one of your ancient ancestors, Kallikrates, keeper of the universal spheres. I welcome you to the Guild. Feel free to wander about. I am sure you will find your niche to rest until it is time to take your leave." With this said, she gave me a hug. I thanked her before glancing around the rotunda, taking in the view of the heavens before exiting. We exchanged smiles as I passed her on my way to the top of the spiral staircase, on my way to find a place to light.

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