Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2010. We will be leaving for Florida in a week or so, and I will not be posting as usual, at least not any photos. Will touch base every now and then from Vero Beach after leaving. We have some stops to make on the way to visit friends, no rush in traveling. Myrtle Beach then Hilton Head, then on to Vero Beach. It's an adventure!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best Wishes to All

It won't be long until Christmas Day is here, so I would like to wish all who visit my blog a very Merry Christmas. This is a portion of our little tree that holds many memories and many hand made ornaments. It is a joy to dress it up every Christmas season. Blessing to you all.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Birds of a Feather

Here they are..... Eleven plus my own calendar page. I am posting the process as it was so much fun and I felt like a child again. I think I was impressed with that incredible turkey that posed for me in October in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Nevertheless, here they are in all their splendor ready to meet other paper doll/puppets for the 2010 calendar of the Calendar Girls project.

Ms. May Paper Doll

This paper doll calendar page was made by Jan as part of the Calendar Girls Yahoo Group. Twelve different paperdoll/puppets, one for each month of 2010 are being created and sent to twelve players to complete an entire calendar for each artist. Isn't Ms. May lovely? Jan also unselfishly provided directions for all on how to create their own fabric paper doll, which is greatly appreciated.

Button Bag Extraordinairre

This is a gift from my friend, Jan, who is so very talented and beyond that, has the biggest heart ever. It was in the mail yesterday, and I couldn't imagine why she sent a large envelope to me. I am so happy to have this gift and the buttons she placed inside. It is an heirloom that I will pass on to Jasmine, as she is becoming a "buttonologist" at 6 years old. Thank you, Jan. I love it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jasmine's Wings

Today, Jasmine ate breakfast with her wings on. She had a 2 day sleepover and we celebrated our Christmas time together. Unfortunately, she was "under the weather" with asthma issues, but we got through it ok. We shopped at her favorite little store in Amherst, MA, to which we had been to only once this past summer. It made such an impression on her, that she requested to go there to choose her Christmas gifts. When we entered the store, Jasmine walked up to the store clerk and boldly announced, "We're back!" After choosing her gifts, we left to return home where she rested for the latter part of the day, her asthma getting the better of her. She loved her wings, and so do I. She wore them last night and this morning, taking them home with her when she left. I miss her when she is gone. Oddly, I took part in a round robin book swap with the 14 Secrets Yahoo Group a year or so ago, and my book was "Jasmine, the flower fairy". I took a photo of Jasmine and added wings to it for one of the pages, and ~ lo and behold, 2 years later, I have a serendipitous picture to add to the book's pages where an artist in the swap did not complete. There is a reason for everything. Blessings everyone.