Monday, August 10, 2009

Playing with Inspiration

I like the idea of thinking about how one plays with inspiration. It seems that I am always looking for something to inspire me, and I often do find that something sometimes. I found it a lot easier to shut out the outside world after I acquired my own art space. It is such a respite for me, and I thank God every day for it, and my husband Bob too, as he made it for me. He knows how much I love that room, stopping in every once in a while to say hello. I do have plants in my art space: a Christmas cactus and a large heart shaped ivy plant that I have had for so long, I can't remember how long. I love plants, and have always had them in my office wherever I worked. They truly do add something special to one's environment, and I happen to love the color green. I am currently painting flowers (5 different canvas paintings) which I find peaceful and inspiring. I used to write my ideas down immediately; however, have not done so in a while. Maybe it is because I have not had so many ideas as of late. I do know that playing with kids is so freeing and lends to vast creative moments - synchronistically - and so fun and exciting. I remember (years ago) when a kindergarten art teacher friend of mine said that when some of her kids threw their work away in the trash basket, she would take it out after class and keep it for inspiration! I have found out that my work doesn't have to be perfect, and that spontaneity is much more fun and exciting and surprising. I have also learned that through teaching, I have learned a great deal. Sometimes it was a confirmation of something that I needed to hear myself tell my student(s). I can truly say that working outside, in Nature, is one of the most inspiring things I can do. Everything goes away and there is nothing but art supplies, subject matter, and me -- in the "zone". Looking through magazines and at other blogs is inspiring and motivating for me as well. I love portrait painting, and pictures of children inspire me and challenge me too. That feeling of being inspired is one that I cannot explain with words, It is a quickening of the heart and touching base with spirit, then the rush to get it all down as quickly as possible, then stopping to catch my breath when it feels right.

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