Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blogging for Bliss

Welcome and thank you for visiting today! An invitation from http://www.artsymama.com/ was issued to all who cared to participate in her blog party today, August 4th, and I am happy to respond. Sharing how my blog came about and its evolution to where I am currently will be my focus. I began my blog to fulfill a criteria of having to have a blog in order to be a part of "Art in a Carton", led by Susan J. Letham, which no longer exists. It was a really fun art swap using decorated milk cartons filled with handmade art sent to those living in different areas of the world. I hesitated to join, as I did not feel confident in creating a blog. I decided to take a risk and push myself to give it a go. It was a little anxiety provoking at first, but I succeeded even though I became a little too confident and lost (I thought) all of my posts after becoming a little bold and wanting to change the format a bit. The joke was on me, as I did not realize that I changed my posts color to white; thereby losing (I thought) all of my posts! With the help of other bloggers, I was led to go back and change the color of the type, and lo and behold, all was well. I felt so foolish, but that was only a little bit of the learning curve. I have learned so much since then. It has been a year on June 14, 2009, that I began my blog. I cannot believe how fast time has flown by. Also, blogging has given me a wonderful opportunity to meet other bloggers and to benefit from their writings and creativity.... another way to be motivated and join in the universal spirit of expression - thus the name of my blog "basia - spiritspace" (Basia is my name for Barbara in Polish). If you click on my "past posts", they will lead you to my very first posting of June 14, 2008. I had just moved into my art space around that time, which my husband remodeled for me from a summer porch in the back of our garage, attached to our house. So much has evolved for me since that time regarding my artwork and work with clients, on-line art groups, and making cyber-space friends. Although I no longer am working with clients and am retired, I can savor the time spent sharing my art studio, and I am continuing to savor my studio more and more each and every day. I use my blog to chat with others and to share my art and thoughts a well. What a glorious opportunity! I am grateful for all. Go to http://www.artsymama.com/artsymama.com/ to join in the party!


Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Barbara,
I love your blog's biography!! I am so glad that you have a blog to visit when I get the chance because your artwork is so amazing! Have a great day!

Summer Gypsy said...

Hello again,
Thanks so much for the beautiful award. I have posted it on my sidebar with a link back to your great place!!! Blogging is bliss and blogging friends like you make it a great joy!

ArtsyMama said...

Thanks for joining the party. Loved hearing the story of your blog. There's always so much to learn. You have wonderful art and a wonderful space here.
Cheers to blogging!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Party! Your blog is lovely, happy to find it...

Rosy Lady said...

Hi Barbara, I really enjoyed your blogging for bliss post, thanks for the giggle! Blogging is so much fun but it can be difficult to get your head round it at first, I know I'm still working on that.

Emily-Claire said...

I found out about you through the party! Very nice blog. I look forward to returning to see future posts! :)