Sunday, August 9, 2009

the magnificent desk

I am doin' the "happy dance" over my junk store find on Friday! I couldn't believe it when I saw it: 3 drawers on EACH side (six total) and sides that extend to the right and to the left (either/or) to work on. Oh, I said to myself, this is just what I need to make more space in my studio, and to put things away in drawers that I currently have in cardboard boxes around the room that add to the cluttered look. Sure enough, I made a deal--purchased for $25.00. I took it home and spent approximately 3 hours on Saturday cleaning it with Murphy's Oil Soap (twice over, inside and out!) Doesn't it look great.... and, I took out the large round table that took up a lot of room. Now, to dispose of the large Lazy Boy Recliner that my husband does not want to let go of. It won't last much longer in my space, as the street is having a tag sale this fall. I hate to see it go, but there just isn't any place for it. I also included a shot of my ATC working space, having added a light with a magnifying glass. Getting old and the eyesight is lacking. Boy, what a difference it makes, I am sad to say. I cleared out a lot of supplies from my studio space that I do not need in it any longer: children's games, books and art supplies, and the large doll house with all of its furniture. It will all go downstairs where I will make a little play area for my godchild, Jasmine, and other little people who visit. No more clients... just me and my muse. Creativity, take me away.


merryheart2 said...

what a find.
i love junk store shopping too!

Charlene said...

WHAT A TREASURE YOU FOUND!!!! I love it. It can be small or large.

Thanks for stopping by to see my friends trailer & leaving a comment. She had some of the painting done by a guy that owns a body shop & some she did herself. Isn't it the cutest!!!!

Gena said...

Great going Barb,

Once in a while we need to take stock and pass on what we no longer use so that someone else can use it, as keeping more than we need zaps our energy as well. Your art space sounds like it is full of flow - this is also obvious from your work, so keep it up! Love your new desk too!