Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fairy Doll Making

Friday afternoon, my God-child, Jasmine, called me, asking if she could visit and to sleep over. I can never refuse her, so I picked her up early that evening after dinner. After some conversation, snack, and reading books, she and I retired for the evening. Jasmine awoke early on Saturday morning and had to have breakfast immediately! Then, without a pause, said, "Can we paint?". I hadn't finished my coffee yet, and my eyes were not entirely focused on the new day; however, I said, "sure". In the interim, Jasmine had found the remains of 2 orchid blossoms that had fallen off and were laying on the tabletop in the sunporch. She then asked what happened to them, and then said, "They look like fairy wings. Can we make a fairy doll?" Of course she could, why not? We made a list of materials, and I gathered all from my art studio, placing the materials out on a large round table in the sunporch. For the next hour and a half, Jasmine chose what she wanted to use for the doll, and worked with me to create a fairy doll. The original fallen orchid blossoms were not used as wings as originally intended, but were glued to paper wings found previously at a tag sale for such a purpose as this! When nearly done, Jasmine told me that this fairy doll was for me, and that we could use it when we play with the dolls in her play space downstairs, and that I could fly it around when we play. I was quite honored, and thanked her for her gifting me the fairy doll. Here it is in all its splendor. It was a memorable morning with Jasmine.

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