Wednesday, October 21, 2009

errands and spaghetti sauce and June

What a day! It flew by. I checked off a number of tasks on my list; however, did not get to paint as I had planned. Well, there will be a great meal tonight - my husband's favorite: pasta. He could eat it seven days a week. I'm off to my Artist's Association meeting tonight in Connecticut, so I invited one of my sons over to eat and to spend some time with his Dad. Here is a picture of June on the top of the cathedral ceiling ramp. She is "high in the sky" up amongst the clouds, snoozin away. She loves it because it is nice and warm (heat rises) and she can catch a really good view of the birds.

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Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Barbara,

That Junie Bug is so cute! What a life!! I am so glad that you like the music on my blog. That particular version of Autumn Leaves is by Eva Cassidy. She passed away from cancer several years ago. I discovered her music when I first started blogging. If you go to Playlist, you can listen as much as you like or add a music box to your blog. Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend. I cherish your comments!