Sunday, August 14, 2011

first time in a long time

I haven't paid much attention to my blog for some time. I can't say if I have been scattered, or just overwhelmed with too many distractions, but I am thinking that now is a good time to get back to my blog. I am nearly finished with one of the projects that I had joined last September, and will be adding one or two more publications to complete the journey. I am behind in the art illustrations; however, I will catch up with them at one time or another, and add them, if I can when they are complete. I have not painted in a while but I have been making ATC's and playing around with collage. I am currently painting and decorating a small treasure chest for my Godchild, Jasmine, for her 8th birthday. I attended the Mineral and Gem Show a few days ago, and bought several strands of gemstone beads to place inside the treasure box, along with some smaller gemstones. I gave her my small collection of gemstones some time ago, and hope to continue her interest. I will also add a small bag of old buttons to her treasure chest booty. I am preparing some cards to play in a Round Robin, which will begin in September. "Spirit Cards" -- 3 x 5" with all of the backs the same design. Eleven players, three cards for each player to create original art.... using any type of medium. I am also looking for small wooden chairs or tables to clean, primer, and paint in a decorative manner. We'll see how that turns out. Our 3 vehicles got damaged by giant balls of hail along with our home. Our neighbors all have the same damage. It will take some time to get all repaired. On a lighter note, this is what our front yard looked like before the "microburst" (which I think was really another tornado).... a friend of ours had the flamingos placed in our yard for fun! We woke up to looking out on them one morning and laughed and laughed. We were "flocked".... they were there for several days before they were removed. Life is full of surprises!

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