Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Art Art Art

I am really busy with making art.... I am a bit behind, actually. I very much enjoy the Healing Garland project that our group is working on each day this month of May, for our dear friend, Deb Gilchrist, who passed away in March. One of our awesome group moderators, Gena, thought of this memorial for Deb.... members taking 2 days of the month each, and offering a prompt as a start to create art on a strip of paper, to create a healing garland. I look forward to this first thing in the morning, to start my day. It truly is healing and a great tribute to Deb. I haven't done much on my painting commission, as I found it hard to focus.... lots to do ..... will post some pictures of the garland pieces after 7 pieces at a time are completed...then will attach them to each other weekly.

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