Saturday, April 30, 2011


I find myself thinking of Ned an awful lot. Last night, I had to write something about Ned. It doesn't make much sense, but I had to do something... a sort of "non-sensical" poem~a bit of rambling:

He was special, sweet as honey--wouldn't ya know
It wasn't his time to go - Oh No!
His name was Ned, and what a guy
Cute as a button, always "on the fly".
His faces many, quizzical to funny.

Ned posed for pictures - what a ham.
Kelly "shot" him with her "cam"...
A Facebook pin-up: Zach created Ned's page and made a splash!

A picky eater, eating sparsely,
loving treats, though ... "Good boy Ned."
Come lay down here in your bed.
You learned to bark on Krystal's command,
and to "sit" -- you were "the man".

He had a sister and a brother--
Holly Hox and Panda lover.
All lived together very well. Well, Ned was just a bit of a "swell".
Zach could tell you, that, Ned, at times,
was a bit of an instigator.

Hey, here's Ned... Krystal's best friend and buddy,
at her side watching her every move...
Ready whenever she was, to groove.
A shower: you did not enjoy it,
but smelled so good when done and over.
Oh, Ned! You will be missed,
Your eyes, your hugs, and would be kissed.

(((Everyone loved Ned)))
I cannot believe that he is dead.
A natural charmer--loving Spaniel,
Cuddly, cute, gangly and white suit, and! oh those floppy ears!!!
We'll always think of you with LOVE
Your life too short - you're now above.
If there's a doggy heaven, rest assured,
You are there right now, Ned, with the Lord.

Originally heaven sent and a one of a kind healing dog who brought love and joy to this world.

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Anonymous said...

That is really beautiful Barb <3