Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun with Fabric Technique

I did a background on 2 pages (using the sponge technique/colors: blue, red, yellow, and silver). I found a piece of fabric with an image that was printed on it that had a white background with a green border. I did use an iron-on (Pellon Wonder-Under Transfer fusing Web) however; it did not have a sticky back when I took the paper backing off. Don't know what I did wrong (ironed it for 30 seconds), but whatever I did, it did not work. Soooo, I decided to water color the surrounding space between the figure and the border in an aura like manner. After it dried, I sprayed the back with Elmer's Craft Bond and immediately placed it on my page. I used some glitter glue to surround the image. I like the result, although it was not all that creative. I enjoyed learning from others in Elizabeth's AB 101 Group, regarding fabric and use of clay. I had no clay or I would have tried something. We are nearly finished with our lessons.

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