Thursday, May 7, 2009


I truly had a lot of fun making these pockets for Elizabeth's AB class! I also incorporated some more backgrounds for layouts along the way. Seeing I have no particular subject matter, I just created as the mood suited me. I like the way the paint created a more visible pattern on the paper towels I wiped my foam brush on before cleaning it with water. It seemed appropriate to place the cat images I had left over from a safari swap on that page. The hidden side pocket is shown with the tag partially extended, and the other hidden tag is above the angel image, with 2 slender threads of gold extending from the slit above the angel. Oh, it was fun. I am looking forward to more learning in this fun filled free on line class! If you would like to view the images larger, just click on each one. A bit of info: I had to reinforce some of the page areas along the way, as the pages of this old book are very thin and some of the techniques are somewhat more trying for its delicacy of age. I am finding that I am gluing 2 pages together as I go along to accomodate the materials and technique procedures. I added some yellow masking tape along the edge of the hidden pocket slit, as the paper was so thin. Doing so, led me to use the tape and incorporate it into the page design itself. Necessity is the mother of invention.

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Gena said...

These are just fabulous, Barb! You are doing such a terrific job in that class! Love all your spreads and your use of color and design!