Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jars of Buttons

The sideboard in my dining room is filled with jars of buttons and pictures of family and friends. Every once in a while, I look through the jars and play with my buttons. It reminds me of when I was a kid going through my mom's old red and cream colored malted wafer tin filled with buttons. For those of you who keep/save buttons beware of keeping them in metal containers, as it effects the buttons and results in deterioration over a period of time. Also pictured is an old dental chest in one of the bedrooms that holds jars and boxes of buttons. Today is cloudy and a bit dreary. Rain is forecast until the end of the week. Off to breakfast with a friend, then to the frame shop to choose a frame for my most recent painting, then to facilitate a workshop on art with children for some young mothers. "The busy bee has no time for sorrow!"


An Evolving Artist @ Swallowcliffs said...

Love the buffets and the buttons. Thanks for the tip on storing in tins!

Barb said...

Beautiful furniture. Love the dark wood..

Thanks fro coming by.
The waterfall is close to the coast in Oregon.
About 45 miles from our home.

Barbara Jean

jackie said...

Your furniture pieces are gorgeous - such rich wood and detail! Thanks for the tip on storing buttons in a tin - that's where my mom's and grandmother's buttons have been - I will put them in jars instead - also will be much prettier to look at!