Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Sunday

I haven't written as I have not felt well, and still do not feel up to par. I think it is a virus, and hope it leaves soon. I have been taking my mind off my not feeling good by doing some art work when I could. I completed a page in an altered book and will be sending it off in tomorrow's mail. I have been asked to teach a summer class due to an emergency (instructor illness/hospitalization), and will be teaching on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for the remainder of the summer--until August, I think. My son, Buddy, returned from New Hampshire (Bike week) and brought me a shirt and one for my husband too. His band (The Lobsterz from Marz) played a gig at The Barnaroo Festival at the old Powdermill Barn in Ct. last night. He said it was great...played outside under the sky until around 2 in the a.m. Good news from my husband, Bob! He is going to do somework tomorrow on my studio room! YES! The Sox are on: 10th inning, 3 to 3. Will they win? It took them 8 innings to catch up and tie the game. Oh, those Red Sox. Time to start working on some tiny faerie slippers for another swap. Will post a picture of them when I finish all 3 pairs. They are just too cool.

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