Thursday, April 12, 2012

Home Again

I have decided to revert back to my previous layout.... it may work out better for me to post after a long absence... very scattered and out there.  Having several planets in Gemini are surely one of the reasons   : )    There have been so many changes recently...lots of renovations going on, and much food for thought.  I have photos to add.... I have been making art and it has made me happy.  Now to refresh my memory on how to get going here.  I see that Google has changed some of its workings....  It is a cool, partly sunny, and easy going day here in Ludlow, MA.  I will post my painting of "Ned".... It has been a year since he was taken by the coyote in Gloucester, MA.  It took me almost that long to be able to look at his pictures.
                                           acrylic on wrapped canvas 18" x 24"

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