Saturday, October 1, 2011

store sitting plus

Thought I'd post a few things, and decided to change my format. Seems like fun and something new and different. I have been very active helping my brother open a store.... filled with odds and ends and "eclectic junque!" I sorta dropped everything and helped to set up the store, so I haven't been home much...and, when I am, I catch up on everything (well, what I can) that I usually do at home, and before I know it, the day is done! I really don't think it is going to fly, as business is very slow. I have finished the alphabet atc swap, and am now involved in a round robin of "Spirit Cards", which I like very much. Eleven women make up the group, and each of us creates 3 cards for the others deck. Here are some that I made for my deck for starters.

Along with the cards is a journal to write process notes about creating the cards.

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