Thursday, July 22, 2010

for the family of Johnny Sileno

These prayer pillows were made for the family of Johnny Sileno. He died a day-after his 6th birthday after a heroic journey struggling with anaplastic ependymoma. (cancer of the brain). My friend, Jan, is a good friend of Johnny's grandmother, Kathy, and has asked for prayer pillows to be sent to Johnny's family to help ease their grief. If you feel so inclined to make a prayer pillow, or pillows, you can send them to John and Jennine Sileno, 15 Disano Dr., Newburgh, NY 12550. I am sure they will be much appreciated. Prayer pillows are 3" x 3" and embellished with beads, lace, ribbon, and/or small trinkets. A printed fabric with Johnny's favorite themes; fireman, water sports, boating, kindergarten symbols, and/or his favorite color blue! The real treasure is the "prayer" that you write on a piece of paper and insert in the pillow before you close the last seam. The prayer is personal for Johnny and his Family and Friends. It does not take long to make one; they are quite small and would mean a lot.

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