Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sweet Blog Award

A sweet award has been gifted to me by Carol, whose Blog, "Hot Flashes from Hell" is really awesome! Carol is a marvelous writer, whose humor, I think, parallels Erma Bombeck..really. So, here are the rules:
* make a post about the award, including the picture, and mention the person who gave it to you.
* put the award on your blog.
* let your nominated 10 know you've awarded them by leaving a comment.
And, here are the ten blogs that I really like and visit on a regular basis:
1. Lani at
2. Carol at
3. Huyen at
4. Leann at
5. Charlene at
6. jana at
7. Carol at
8. sam at
9. Marilyn at
10. Carol at

Thank you, Carol!


Carol J. said...

G'morning Barbara and what a cool thing to wake up and find! I am sitting here grinning, so of course, my family will think I'm slightly nuts, but what else is new?

I'm off to work soon, but will most definitely be posting my award later tonight. Thank you so much!! :)

Summer Gypsy said...

Thank you so much,Barbara, for honoring Unshelved Words with the Sweet Blog award. I am in the midst of working on finals with my students, but I will be posting the award this weekend along with my 10 honored blogs. You are such a thoughtful, talented blog friend. Many heartfelt thanks!

Huyen said...

Thanks Barbara! love it! My blog address should actually be

I'm going to have to seriously think about my 10 honored blogs...