Thursday, April 1, 2010

Krystal & Zach's Engagement Party

Here are a few photos of the party. We had a great time and met Zach and his family. Included in the photos are pictures of Krystal and Zach; some friends of theirs who I don't know; Zach's parents-Cathy and Bob; my husband, Bob, with our sons, Beau and Buddy (Krystal's Dad). Also, Wendy, (Krystal's mom) is pictured with Krystal's brother (Tyler) and sister (Aly); and last, but not least, Buddy and Wendy (Krystal's dad and mom). I have been trying to put the photos on with captions and to stagger them; however, it is not working. Sooooo, all aforementioned know who they are!

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