Friday, January 1, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Just had to post these before all is said and done for a while. Two of my sons spent New Year's Eve with us and we had such a great night. My son Bud brought 2 huge lobsters to eat and I was amazed at their size. He also brought over 2 bottles of home-made wine as a gift from a co-worker. Needless to say, all of the lobster and a bottle of wine was long gone before dinner was done. I didn't make it to ring in the New Year, as the wine did me in and off to bed I went at 9:30. My husband wasn't lonesome though, because Buddy stayed to keep him company, which made me very happy. Beau left early as he had a date with his girl. We always celebrate my birthday on New Year's Eve, although it is on New Year's Day. I thought the gift my son Beau gave to me was quite different, so here it is. It is like a hologram, picturing the sign of Capricorn, half goat, half mermaid, along with the constellation of Capricorn inside the object. I love the card too. I am off to a brand new year of love and adventure.


Sandrine said...

Dear Barbara,
Great pictures! The lobsters are amazing and I can tell you were gifted for your birthday! Have a safe trip to Florida. Best regards, Sandrine

Lindart said...

I just saw Julie and Julia - your lobster photos remind me of the movie! Yum!