Friday, March 6, 2009

Merit Award

Wahooo!!! I just got a phone call notifying me that I won a Merit Award for my oil painting "Stargazer"! I am so happy!!! Haven't painted for several days due to cleaning out my former downstairs studio space. Almost done..... another day to finish up, then on to figuring out what to do with all of my books collected over the years. My husband wants to start a new project of moving the cellar stairs from one area to another (closing off the existing stairwell, and opening up another along the hallway, and I am not very happy about that. Also, a new ceiling in the entire living room, dining room, kitchen area, as it is all an open space. I hope I can survive this. I am thinking of hiding out in my studio as much as possible during this huge undertakeing. If so, I should get a lot of painting on canvas completed!!! I am sooo happy that my painting was recognized.

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Dawn said...

That's wonderful! I would be beside myself on cloud nine for a month.
Know what you mean about the house thing, my husband and I did it for four years, living in it now! It's awesome!